Logettes has a low impact and is a convenient and responsible alternative to traditional wood and charcoal. In addition, they are highly versatile and may be used in fireplaces for heating, for indoor and outdoor BBQs and also in Weber-type kettles.

Logettes produce high heat and long-lasting coals. They’re available in 5kg and 20kg bags.


Want to know more about our Logettes? Here are some interesting facts about Logettes and how using them will help preserve our environment.

  • Eco Fire & BBQ Logettes are produced from the normal harvest for wine each year and NO additional vegetation is removed or damaged in the production process,
  • Logettes has a high calorific / heat emission value and is therefore ideal for both BBQ and heating,
  • Heat emmission is measured in mega joules per kilogram – mj/kg. Our logs burn at 21.58mj/kg which rates as one of the highest when compared with non eco-friendy alternatives,
  • Logettes burn really well in place of either wood or charcoal,
  • In non-windy / normal conditions, the burning time of a small bag of Logettes is approximately 40-45 minutes of flames. The resulting coals and long-burning, producing high heat for approximately an hour and longer,
  • Logettes is a 100% recycled product and 100% natural.

Learn more about Logettes

1. What are Eco Fire and BBQ Logettes?

They are 100% Natural Logettes produced from compressed grape seed oils cake, a by-product of the cold-pressed method of extracting grapeseed oil for cooking and beauty applications. and added natural bio-mass.

2. Is it charcoal or wood?

 No it is not charcoal or wood, but rather an excellent alternative for wood & charcoal.

3. How do I light the Logettes?

You can use any firelighter, however we have found that the Volcano Firelighters from Seed Oil SA  works brilliantly with the Logettes, stationing the firelighter directly under the middle Logette will start the fire.

4. What can I use these logs for?

They’re ideal for both BBQ and heating. They also work well in pizza ovens, closed combustion heating systems and Weber-type kettles.

5. How long will the coals last for a BBQ?

Approximately an 1 hour + depending on the weather conditions. If you have very juicy meats or are using marinades that may drip onto the coals, they will shorten the life of the coals as would happen with traditional fire wood or charcoal.

6. Do the Logettes contain any chemicals or binding agents?

No – they are produced purely by compression of the remaining grape seeds after cold-pressing them to extract the grape seed oil.

7. How many Logettes should I use for a BBQ?

Our Logettes are packaged in 5kg bags, which are more or less the equivalent of a single bag of traditional wood for BBQ purposes. Just as with wood or charcoal, you would need to determine how much to use depending on what you are braaing, how many guests you have and wind conditions.

8. Does the bag come with instructions on how to use the Logettes?

Yes – Instructions are provided inside of the bags 

9. How should I store the Logettes?

Logettes MUST be stored in a dry place. As they are perfectly shaped, they may be easily packed and do not take a lot of space.

10. Do you have any certifications?

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